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Is An 888 Phone Number A Toll Free Number?

888 phone numbers are toll-free numbers and this is prefix that was implemented in the year 1996 because the available 800 numbers were running out and that was the reason why the 888 phone numbers were implemented. Back then there was a big demand and a scarcity on available 800 numbers and there were very few options to pick. That was one of the main reasons why this new toll free area code was implemented. The big growth in the demand for toll-free service, and the big demand on 800 numbers produced the need to implement the 888 toll free area code. There are other toll free number prefixes available in the market like 877 and 866, and at this moment, there are new tollfree area codes reserved for use in the near future.

These tollfree area codes are not interchangeable. What this means is that if you dial a phone number with the 888 prefix and then you dial the same number with the 800 prefix you probably are not going to reach the same company, unless they purchased both numbers. This is the case not only with 888 phone numbers, but also with all the other phone numbers that uses any of the tollfree area codes available right now, and is one of the main reasons why you should purchase your vanity number using all the toll free prefixes like 866 and 877. Many people might listen to your vanity number on the radio or watch an ad of your company on television, and then when reaching the phone and dialing your vanity number, they forget the prefix and dial a different number by mistake and you might loose your precious customer for that reason. Listing your 888 phone number in a directory it's a good idea. Customers can search for your 888 phone number using keywords and sometimes a reverse lookup search can be made so they can get your company information.

You should know by now, and after reading some of the articles on this website, that having a toll free number is an important asset for your company, and not only that, it is also a great marketing tool and a sales booster. These are just some of the reasons of the importance of having an 800, 866, 877 or 888 phone number for your business. Always keep in mind, that is really a good idea, when possible, to get all the possible combinations on your vanity number using all the toll free area codes available in the market. Once you decided that purchasing a toll free number is a good thing for your company, the next step is to get the right tollfree service, there are many alternatives to choose and I hope that the articles on this website help you finding the one that best match your needs.

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