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Is 877 a toll free number? Many people ask this question as a result of the new and upcoming toll free area codes, and people get confused about 877 phone numbers. Toll free numbers in the USA are also known as 800 numbers because that was the original area code used and became the standard in the toll free world, just like dot com it's the standard with domain names on the Internet, 800 would be like the dot com of toll free numbers, and the other area codes, like 877 numbers would be like .net or .org, etc. When 877 phone numbers first appeared (back in 1998) as a result of the increasing demand on toll free numbers, there were only two other prefixes available (800 and 888), so 877 phone numbers appeared as a result of a deficit of 800 numbers available. Today you can also use the 866 area code and there are other prefixes reserved for use in the future like 855 (active, but not in use yet) and 844, 833 and 822 (not active, but reserved). With so many tollfree area codes people gets confused and it is reasonable, they can remember your toll free vanity number but then get confused with the area code and end up dialing a different phone number, maybe the one of the company competing directly with you in your market, so when possible, always try get all the available area codes when purchasing a toll free vanity number not only 877 numbers.
By now you should know exactly what an 877 phone number is, and if it is a good thing for your business. Personally I think that, when purchasing your toll free number, you should always try to get first the 800 number when possible, and then leave the other prefixes (if you have to choose only for one number). Of course if you can get all the prefixes with your vanity number, do it and you will know for sure that you are not loosing any customers. Once you decided that you need a toll free number, wether you choose the 877 area code or a different one, the next step is to find a good toll free service provider. I believe that you can't go wrong if you choose 877 numbers.

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